Inherent Vice

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Actors: Joanna Newsom, Katherine Waterston, Joaquin Phoenix, Jordan Christian Hearn, Taylor Bonin, Jeannie Berlin, Josh Brolin, Eric Roberts, Serena Scott Thomas, Maya Rudolph, Martin Dew, Michael Kenneth Williams, Hong Chau, Shannon Collis, Christopher Allen Nelson

Production: Ghoulardi Film Company, IAC Films, Warner Bros.

Genres: Mystery, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Crime

Country: USA

Release Year: 2014

Duration: 148 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: During the psychedelic 60s and 70s Larry "Doc" Sportello is surprised by his former girlfriend and her plot for her billionaire boyfriend, his wife, and her boyfriend. A plan for kidnapping gets shaken up by the oddball characters entangled in this groovy kidnapping romp based upon the novel by Thomas Pynchon.

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