Director: Darren Aronofsky

Actors: Sean Gullette, Mark Margolis, Ben Shenkman, Pamela Hart, Stephen Pearlman, Samia Shoaib, Ajay Naidu, Kristyn Mae-Anne Lao, Espher Lao Nieves, Joanne Gordon, Lauren Fox, Stanley B. Herman, Clint Mansell, Tom Tumminello, Henri Falconi

Production: Harvest Filmworks, Truth and Soul Pictures, Plantain Films

Genres: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Horror, Drama, Thriller

Country: USA

Release Year: 1998

Duration: 84 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: Max is a genius mathematician who's built a supercomputer at home that provides something that can be understood as a key for understanding all existence. Representatives both from a Hasidic cabalistic sect and high-powered Wall Street firm hear of that secret and attempt to seduce him.

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